Small Caps Collective - Graphic Designers


Name: Cassie Deogracia and Keith Lowe
Rad Gig: Small Caps Collective Graphic Designers
Location: Riverside

JAX IS RAD because of locals like Cassie and Keith of Small Caps Collective

Cassie and Keith are both Graphic designers with a love for retro and Mid-Century design styles. They met studying Graphic Design at Flagler College and moved back / to Jacksonville after both receiving jobs at local agencies in town. Their latest project under Small Caps Collective is a playlist series with accompanying designs to music that influences their styles.


Where are you from?

C: I’m a Jacksonville native.

K: I’m from up North, Baltimore.

Whats your background in the art field?

C: I started practicing graphic design in middle school and high school by working on the yearbook staff, focusing on layout design. Then in college I majored in graphic design and minored in fine art, where my love for design and art really took off and broadened itself to encompass many different aspects of the design field.

K: Growing up my dad had a print shop, so I was exposed to the production side of design without really knowing it. When I got older, I realized I was attracted to the design aspect of what my dad did, and wanted to study that further. I was able to get into a technical high school that had a graphic design program - it was really easy from that point to combine my interest and hobbies into my design work. I went to community college for two years and then transferred to Flagler where I got my bachelors in graphic design.


How did you get into the art industry?

C: During college I interned a lot. I had a total of four internships, all in different fields of design - one was even at an art gallery. They all gave me the experience that I needed to really get my foot in the door within the industry. I was lucky enough to land an internship at Brunet-Garcia and to be hired by them right after graduating, they’ve really helped me kickstart my career, and it allows me the freedom to create on the side which lets me explore and expand on my skills.

K: When I graduated college I didn’t really have a plan, I just kind of figured I would move back up North and find something there, but then I was lucky enough to land an internship at Shepherd Agency, a place I had heard a lot of great things about from my professors, and decided to jump on the opportunity. After a few months of interning, they hired me as a freelancer, and then brought me on full time. I’ve been there ever since and it’s been a great experience.


Why Jax?

C: Being from here, this city holds a special place in my heart. I love being able to create work that contributes to the city and the people here, and enjoy being a part of the art and design community. There’s a lot of opportunity here with so much progress happening, it’s really an exciting time to live in Jax.

K: I didn’t know much about Jax before getting a job and moving up here, but in the three years that I’ve been a Jax resident I’ve met so many great people and have watched the city grow. I can really see the potential that lies ahead and am excited for all of the opportunities here.


What is your favorite thing to do in Jax?

C: I love going to all of the events that take place around the city. There are so many people doing great things and I enjoy partaking in the excitement. I also love going to the parks and beaches.

K: I really like the thrift stores and antique stores in Jacksonville - there’s a lot of interesting pieces to be found. I also love walking around Riverside and admiring all of the architecture. Klutho built a lot of prairie style homes in the area and they’re really beautiful.


How are you making a mark in the city?

C: I’m actively involved as a board member of AIGA Jacksonville, which allows me to meet so many new people and initiate and participate in new events. Being Community Ambassador means I can really look at how we can use design to benefit the overall community and connect people from all walks of life, so I’d like to think that it's having a positive impact.

K: With Shepherd I get to make a lot of design for different causes and events around the city. I recently was able to design the branding for Murray Hill-o-ween and have done charity campaigns for a variety of local organizations. I also had the opportunity to paint a mural for the Murray Hill Preservation Society to help bring art to the community.


Whats next?

C & K: We’re both really dedicated to our work in the industry and want to keep improving our skillsets and moving up. We also recently just launched our side project, Small Caps Collective (@smallcaps_collective), which focuses on making mid-century modern inspired designs, and are excited to expand on it and see where it takes us. It’s a great outlet for us to design outside of the box and in a style that we both love so much.


Where can people find you?

C & K: We tend to hang out at Bold Bean, Town Beer Co., The Thrift Store off Emerson St., a lot of the local markets like RAM and Vagabond Flea, and most AIGA Jacksonville events. But if you want to get personal, you can find us on Instagram! @cassiedeogracia @mockchunk and @smallcaps_collective.

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Why is Jax Rad?

C: The people here are what makes Jax Rad. There’s so much excitement and talent and sincerity that brings everyone together and really sets Jax apart.

K: Jax is rad because of the entrepreneurial spirit and all of the potential that people see in this city.

Check out their Instagram @smallcaps_collective or Website