Name: Mandi Nix
Rad Gig: Artist / Illustrator
Location: Southside

JAX IS RAD because of locals like MANDI NIX.

Want to see the true essence of our Jacksonville neighborhoods encapsulated in original, hand drawn art? Look no further than Mandi Nix who is taking Jacksonville by storm painting one watercolor at a time. Her paintings capture the spirit and vibe of areas like Murray Hill and Riverside. She also creates custom family crests--all hand-drawn illustrations using ink and watercolor.


Mandi is an out-of-the-box thinker, which is why we were eagerly anticipating our conversation for this month’s Jax is Rad Spotlight. She has a unique perspective on what creativity is. Mandi is a true artist and is amazing at creating witty illustrations using micron pens, and watercolor.

When she isn’t drawing and painting, she spends time with her husband and active 1-year-old son and teaches 3rd and 4th grade at The Foundation Academy.


Where are you from?

  • I grew up in Jacksonville. I always remember creating. My favorite past-time as a child was making paper dolls, making my own clothes, or making Barbie houses out of boxes. It was more fun to create, and I was more satisfied with the finished product.

What’s your art background?

  • I started painting and pottery classes when I was 11. I ended up attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts concentrating in photography and printmaking, and then I went on to study Graphic Design at Flagler College.

How did you get into the art industry?

  • For our first Christmas, I made my husband a family crest to commemorate our first year together. He loved it, and encouraged me to do more. He actually talked me into turning it into a side job, and it’s kind of taken off from there. He’s always been my biggest supporter.

How does your art background help you in the classroom?

  • I love teaching because it keeps me on my toes; everyday is different. It reminds me of my design days in that the answers aren’t easily found. It takes A LOT of creativity and flexibility to teach elementary kids. And their excitement is contagious. One of my favorite parts of teaching is creating curriculum and building projects with them.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

  • I wrote a food blog for the three years that I lived in Boston. My goal was to learn new cooking techniques and just to have another creative outlet. It was so much fun.

What caused you to move to Boston?

  • After a few year years of teaching, I felt the need to explore a new city. I moved to Boston for where I was able to take some classes at Boston University in a Reading Intervention program, and volunteer with an adult literacy organization. I loved it so much, but after 3 years, I realized city life wasn’t for me for the long term, and was ready to come back to my small town ;)

Why is Jax Rad?

  • Jax is rad because of the people that live here!! It’s inspiring to see so many creative risk-takers.

How do you see our city evolving + growing?

  • As far as arts and culture, the city is growing in very exciting ways. I’d love to see it evolve in a positive direction (i.e. crime, education, social issues).

Check her out on Instagram @nixyness or visit her Etsy store: Nixyness